How To Turn Your Retreat Into An Online Program

The truth is, whether you’re going to turn your retreat into an online program, OR keep it as a retreat offering…

The only way you’re going to actually compel those you want to help, to pay you a few thousand dollars for your program…

Once you’ve identified your pain and problems, it’s time to start crafting your solution aka your offer.

Successful marketing is ALL ABOUT your offer.

And no, that’s not ‘bring-a-friend-for-free’ or ‘early-bird pricing’.

I’m talking about your…

A lot of people will come up with a groovy idea and think to themselves “this is amazing!”

They then jump into some “market validation” by asking a few friends “What do you think of this idea?”

At which point, most friends think…


Discover The 3 Secrets To Successful Retreat Marketing & Go From Stressed Out To Sold Out

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